Liv Payments
Issuer and Card Manager Brasil LTDA
Liv is a business intelligence company, consolidated in years of experience in open and closed payment systems, B2B, B2C and C2C relationships, creating a solid brand and image.

The company has developed specialist technology for cutting-edge business scenarios. Liv operates can integrate with your business strategy, plans and needs for all social classes, locations, age ranges, income and profiles.

The modernity and convenience of the segment are linked and provide savings in resources and increased sales. Potential customers can and should be encouraged to use technological resources for consumption in their own network.

To facilitate the insertion of customers and partners of any size and location to innovative means of payment and management.

To be recognized by society, customers and partners as an innovative and differentiated company in its mode of operation.

proprietary system for transactions processing through an exclusive and accredited network with physical capture means (POS), digital (Web and App), through the internet or offline telephone channel (SMS), which offers customized solutions for each type of business.

Competitive Differential
The LIV group acts in a way to retain its customers, exempting card acquisition and monthly fees. Fast and very personal service is the trademark, ensuring the satisfaction of its members.

The company believes that by strengthening the local economy, stimulating the culture of a network of its own incentives, each customer will have the experience of enhancing their purchasing power while saving administrative resources and tax costs.

Rodrigo Barbosa e Silva
Postdoctoral Stanford (USA)

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